Thursdays | 7:30pm | Wes Watkins Center Auditorium (WWC 110)
Encounter is our weekly worship time for everyone. It’s a combination of worship music, Bible teaching, and other worship elements or special events.

Mondays | 7:30pm | Student Union French Lounge (SU 270)
Connect is our Bible study specifically geared for new students (freshmen/transfers), but anyone is welcome to participate. It’s a combination of fun activities, Bible teaching, and small group Bible discussion.

Mondays, Tuesdays, OR Wednesdays (Same content)
This semester we are studying the book of Matthew. Check out the Bible study that works best for your schedule:

Mondays | 7pm | BCM House – 1124 W. McElroy Rd. (Hosted by Dillon & Samantha)

Mondays | 8pm | OSU Library Study Room 110B (Hosted by Brady & Thomas)

Tuesdays | 8pm | Rodney’s House – 901 W. Graham Ave. (Hosted by Rodney, Zac, & Katie)

Tuesdays | 8:30pm | BCM House – 1124 W. McElroy Rd. (Hosted by Collin & Ruth)

Wednesdays | 7pm | BCM House – 1124 W. McElroy Rd. (Hosted by Callie & Kate)